Arnoud Evers is an assistant professor at the Welten Institute,

Research Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology at the Open University of the Netherlands.

He is also a Board Member of the European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning (EAPRIL). In this function he was in the organising Board of several conferences of the EAPRIL.

He is also a coordinator of the HRD and Workplace Learning Cloud (special interest group). His main research areas are: HRD, particularly learning at work; HRM, the organisation and the professional development of employees, in particular teachers and organisational behaviour. On these topics he was a leader of several research projects. He has published, among others, in Review of Educational Research, Human Resource Development Review, European Journal of Training and Development, Studies in Continuing Education, and Vocations and Learning.



Franz Sandhofer
University of Applied Science in Munich:
Process technology
Kepler University in Linz:
Training and Education Management
Experienced as Papermaker mill-side:
Start-up engineer, production manager and deputy mill manager
Experienced as Teacher and Educator:
at papermaking school of Austrian Paper industry (adults) and vocational school in Gmunden (apprentice), applied University in Linz (Lecturer), DI(FH) Franz Sandhofer - Educational Institute.

Technical combined with training knowledge and experience in both common training set-up and blended learning, with students and adults in process trainings. Now, stand-of-the-art technology allows time, cost and output efficient education in new ways. Blended learning makes it possible to train candidates or students around the world ( for excample, in Austria, Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, Hungary and South Africa).


Liisa Postareff is a senior researcher in the Center for University Teaching and Learning (HYPE) at the University of Helsinki. Her research focuses on the reliability and fairness of assessment, university students’ learning and factors related to study progress and success, as well as on well-being and emotions of university students and teachers.







Anu Moisio, Lic.Tech., Principal Lecturer, works at the Haaga-Helia School of Vocational Teacher Education as a teacher trainer, both in Finland and abroad. She has been implementing teacher training programs in China, Colombia and South Africa. Anu also works as a facilitator in different development projects at educational institutions, covering curriculum development, co-operation between educational institutions and private companies as well as teaching method renewal. At Haaga-Helia her previous background consists of managing a sales BBA program for three years. Prior to that, she has been working for twenty years in sales, service, business development and management positions in consulting and ICT industries.




Henna Heinilä, PhD, Principal Lecturer and Virve Vainio, MA, Lecturer, Special education teacher, have a long experience of teaching in vocational education.

Their main interests set on assessment process combined with guiding and counselling. They have studied guiding and counselling in work based learning from the perspective of collaboration.











Sirkku Nikamaa is a Finnish teacher, a teacher trainer and a specialist in collaborative and active pedagogies. Sirkku has international teacher training experience from a wide variety of countries and cultures. Her focus is on enhancing the learning experience, building students’ transversal skills along with subject knowledge and improving learning outcomes through inquiry-based, student centered, active and collaborative learning approaches.






Juha Kaarenmaa is priviledged to be the first teacher student to have done part of his teaching and tutoring practice during the teacher education export project in November ’16 in Pretoria, South Africa. Juha has worked as a vocational teacher of travel and tourism, and as a volunteering life skills teacher in Namibia, too. During the teacher’s training programme he has found his real inner mission for teaching and training and now he is looking for new challenges as a teacher.
He has a long experience in human resources in an international company, various positions in tourism and service business. His passion is on creating base for continuous growth, reflexive learning process and collaborative learning approaches.




Valtter Lindholm was awarded with the Young Entrepreneur Prize Of The Year at the age of 33 in 2015.
Varusteleka is an army gear webshop launched by Valtteri Lindholm in 2003. Valtteri founded his company 13 years ago at the age of 21 with the aim to finance his studies in Finnish language at Helsinki University. Varusteleka has grown from a small webshop to a phenomenon that is well-known amongst all Finnish men.

Much of its success has to do with Valtteri´s idea, market gap, social media, branding, communication and product “story” skills. The company is growing aggressively now way beyond Finnish borders.Varusteleka is a big and popular employer amidst young people. Valtteri´s philosophy as a Manager is based on trust.




Mika Saranpää, Lic.Phil., an education manager, has been a teacher educator since 2002 and is now working with guidance and counsellor education. He has been active with evaluation of quality and assessment of competencies for years. In teacher education Mika has created dialogical methods on criteria based assessment with other teacher educators. Competence management and leadership of pedagogics are some of his interest areas.